Recently while researching more topics associated with Minimalism (yes, that is what I door fun), I started reading more on the mindfulness movement.  That led to my discovery of meditation and its benefits. I started meditating once a day and now if I don’t have that opportunity, I long for it.  At the same time, I also began reading the book below:


I’m a little behind the curve.  The book  is two years old.  I adore Dan Harris and he will be going on my ‘InspiringMinds’ page.  His personality of worry and skepticism is so similar to mine that it felt like I had written the book, but didn’t have to go through all the insane situations.I would laugh out loud while reading his book (like I’m cray cray).

Come to find out-today-he also has a new podcast! And app.

I tweeted Dan a message this week, something funny about the first time he meditated (not expecting a response since he is a celebrity and all), and then I got a little notification that he “liked” my tweet. I was WOW-ed…….then I realized my tweet had a type-O and I had sent it to a writer/journalist. Nice.  Life is just keeping me humble.



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