Lead by example and always choose experiences over things.  This is the first year when Eric and I finally came out of the Minimalist closet to our friends and family for the Holidays.  They probably thought they were getting nothing-LOL! Surprise this has been the best most STRESS-FREE Christmas we’ve ever had.

  • My Mom-a gift card to Bonefish–she’s always wanted to go.  Now my Dad has to take her. Lol…
  • My Dad-A Netflix subscription. Remember how I said they don’t have cable?  Both of my parents LOVE this gift.
  • Friends-They all get Chick-fil-a calendars which gives you one free menu item a month. They can recycle the calendar itself immediately but now once a month we can meet at Chick-fil-A for lunch! Seriously, the calendars are like $6. I ended up giving them a gas cards too.
  • Eric’s Parents-A membership to the Tallahassee Museum (Zoo). Now they can take Evan to see the animals for free anytime they like.
  • Eric and I gave each other 1 surprise thing that we need and then we get something nice together that we both use. (i.e. next year it might be a new mattress! fingers crossed!)
  • My Brother-Any variation of Walmart, Target or Gas Cards. perfect.

Here is the link I used to help people with gifting around Christmas. 


We let people know well enough in advance that we didn’t want things for Christmas. Everyone did so great. We got cash. PERFECT. No stress on their behalf and cash is always in my size.

My Birthday really took me by surprise. By this time my friends were starting to get the hang of it and the result was an emotional tidal wave of gratitude and love that I wasn’t expecting. Here are some gifts that made me scream excitedly:

We saved an otter and then got drunk! The world is truly a better place. 


When you remove the option of things as gifts, what you do receive becomes more creative and heartfelt.  This is one of my favorite songs, played by one of my favorite people. And is one of my most favorite gifts from a friend.  It brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. And now I share this gift with you.


Minimalism: Gifts

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