When M.O.R.E. is Good!


Removing distractions and re-calibrating your focus on important aspects of life and relationships is healing (see article below). Yet again, I feel like I’m presenting something we already know. Humans don’t like change.  So instead of taking action to remove or fix those things that detract from our life we tend to anesthetize (i.e. TV, alcohol, shopping, busy-ness, Candy Crush-guilty!).  I’ve become more mindful of even minor aggravations (i.e. not being able to find keys, grabbing a pen from a cup of pens that don’t have ink anymore, my forgetfulness etc.).  I’ve noticed that although these annoyances are minor, they add up during your day and affect your overall happiness.  Being aware of them means I remove them-IMMEDIATELY.  Or in the case of my keys, install a hook near the front door. Tony Robbins says “procrastination is a theif!” I heard that–TR with your big ‘ol banana hands!!

Also, do not feel guilty if minimizing your obligations creates a better life for your inner circle.  Those who live in your home come first before all others.  If you spread yourself too thin, you are of no use to anyone. I’m terribly guilty of this myself. Outsource help for someone you can’t get to right away. Sometimes I’ll even call a mutual friend and ask them to go check on the person in need.

What a fantastic find this article was!

Source: M.O.R.E.


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