Mindfulness: Consumerism

Making Decisions.  Lost in the infinite or lost in the finite? Either way a decision will be made. Either by you or on your behalf.

A crowded fish tank and a solo fish in another tank

If you are not mindful of your decision to purchase and more importantly your MOTIVATION to purchase, you will not find lasting joy in the thing you bought.  Or worse-now said thing requires maintenance and space and actually detracts from your life joy.  The time spent maintaining possessions could be spent on experiences, making family memories or societal contribution.  In short, if you aren’t consciously making an intentionally well-motivated decision, one will be made for you.  And I promise it will be made by someone who probably wants your money has very little regard for your happiness.

Minimalism is the only life-philosophy that will teach you what you already know. All it does is clean the lenses through which you view your world. The hardest part is no longer being able to ignore and justify what you see. Your reward is autonomy. Guess who’s driving your life bus now? YOU.



It really is simple: Don’t buy what you don’t need or does not add value to your life.  Live within your means.  Ta-DA!  I would also add reject impulse buying.  There is no issue of scarcity in this country, so wait. If it is something that you continue to want and it passes the “Can I afford it?” and “Does this add value to my life?” questions, then go for it.

The problem is not consumerism. It’s compulsory consumerism.

-Joshua Fields Millburn, The Minimalists

The proverbial Jones’ have robbed you! They lied to you and and the companies they work for preyed on your insecurity.  They took your money, your time (which is far more precious than your money), and your joy. But they just got busted by the knowledge po-po.   You can’t get your money or time back, but sure can take back your joy and peace of mind ……today.

“Self-doubters evaluate themselves from the perspective of others,” explains Arkin. “So, the pleasure one of them would take from having a possession might not be defined so much by how much they enjoy it, but by how much others covet it.”

-American Psychological Association; Those who doubt themselves buy the most, study finds.; October 2002, Vol 33, No. 9; Print version: page 13

bless del

I had a professor tell me the following phrase and it has stuck with me for over 10 years now.  I don’t know how, considering my memory is faulty, so I assume it’s God and the universe highlighting something important for me on my brain:

“Never confuse Standard of Living with Quality of Life.”



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