Minimalism My Way: BOLD!

One of my favorite questions that I received regarding my transition to Minimalism came from my friend Mary (and consequently became the inspiration for the name of this blog).


Me and Mary on her wedding day.  I was the maid of dishonor.

Let me quote her:

So how do your reconcile your love of color and design with Minimalism? I’ve seen all the videos and it seems everyone lives on black, white, beige, and sometimes grey. I need color and suspect that you do as well.

My Response:

Ah ah ah-Don’t get caught up and in somebody else’s style of minimalism. Minimalism is individual-there is no one way to do it-your minimalism will look different than everybody else’s. I know mine does!

Granted, there is talk of a “uniform” in the Minimalist world, but the color of your clothes or the clothes themselves (unless you have an excessive amount) are not worth the emotional effort. The word uniform is too close to the word conform for me to ever read those articles anyway.  Not to mention subscribing to someone else’s dress code in order to “fit-in” will NEVER appeal to me. Hot Pink adds value and joy to my life.  It’s the color with which the people I love most associate with me.  It’s a happy part of who I am as much as being a minimalist.

I like the title The Hot Pink Minimalist because it immediately dispels the myth that minimalist sit around wearing all black in a stark white room with no things and not smiling. Goth-Hipsters! Much like when I tell people I’m Christian I immediately have to address their preconceived notions  with my catch phrase: “We are not all like that!”  Even talking about my faith and beliefs on this blog make me feel uneasy.  I can’t see my audience and I can’t explain that I’m Christian but I’m no door-knocking bible-thumper. But I digress….That’s for a different blog on a different day.

Come to think of it my “going-out” outfits are quite minimal…….in fabric.






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